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 Post subject: FULL GAME GUIDE
PostPosted: 20 Dec 2013, 18:53 

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Newcomer's guide
Welcome to UltrasOnline.
Probably you entered in our map and you have some first opinion about game.
We will give you couple tips which can help you in game, things which make you big player in game. The most important thing for you is getting cash fast and make your character stronger.
You will have success with this if make these steps:
-being active as much you can
-find active alliance for you
-play tournaments often
-finish your daily quests
-be active on your club/alliance/country fights
This game is not ''singleplayer game''. This is game where you play with your friends together. 90% of your time in game you will spend with members from your alliance. The most important thing which improve your character is playing with alliance.
For a better your adaptation in game, we give you advice to check our GUIDE good and browse our forum.

-First screen
1 - Manage your profile
2 - Choose your character
3 - Send message to other players
4 - Manage your friends
5 - Game chat
6 - Buy drugs
7 - Buy tokens
8 - Help
9 - Sound options
10 - Exchange tokens
11 - Play tournament
12 - Buy drugs
13 - Train your character
14 - Play ACAB system
15 - Shop
16 - Play Alliances tournament
17 - Play Bot Tournament
18 - Alliance
19 - Go on map
20 - Stadium

-Start action
In this place is the biggest action in game. You go on map and meet with other ultras.
You are moving your character simple with left clicks.
Controls in game are:
Z - normal hits
X - x2 hits
Space - Turn on speed
` - For in game chat

In game exist 5 worlds. To unlock new map, you have to reach certain experience level:
1. World - Unlocked from start.
2. World - Required rang is 6.
3. World - Required rang is 13.
4. World - Required rang is 21.
5. World - Required rang is 31.
After you unlock new map, you will be able to play on previous map, but without earning experience.
Earnings on maps are growing, so in last map you will be able to make biggest profit.
On map you earn the biggest percent of your earnings. You have different types to earn money, like crashing pubs, killing cops, killing other players, crashing cars, etc.
The most effective type of earning money is crashing pubs or killing CAPO with your alliance. When some member of your alliance crash pub or kill CAPO, all players which were on that field in that moment receive money.
Definitely our recommendation is earning money with your alliance.
Stadium is place where you defend honor of your club and country.
Country fights are every day, from 22:00h to 22:30h.
Club's fights are from 18:00h, to 21:45h
Trophies are true indicator of your brutality. They are your achievements which you earn by fight.
Trophies are counting per countries. When you kill 100 players of 1 country, you receive 1 trophie of that country.
You can check your trophies in your profile.

Experience system
Experience system is one of the most important system in game. Thanks to this system you will be able to improve your earnings on maps and exchange rate in bank. There is 40 rangs of experience level, of course on last rang your earnings are on highest.
You can earn experience only in last unlocked world. Experience is earning directly on map, from killing players,bots and cops.
When you are playing on map, in left up corner you can see your experience progress. Each experience rang have new icon, which stay next to your flag while you are playing.

We have special in game currency - TOKENS.
Tokens can be bought for real money or you can earn free tokens from daily quests.
Tokens will give you excellent opportunity which give you in game more fun and more comfortable playing, and of course make you more brutality in game.
Tokens are used to buy in game drugs ( x2 hits and speed) and special character which give you 10% more strength.
Also, you have opportunity to change tokens for cash in bank.

Blood Money
Blood Money is special game currency, which could not be bought with tokens.
Only with true work and your will you can get them. You can earn them by 3 different ways:
1. Tournaments - On each tournament you will be able to get some Blood Money.
2. Fights - Fights victories will bring you also Blood Money profits.
3. Referral link - For each click on your unique ref link you are getting 5 BM.

In our shop you will be able to spent your Blood Money useful. You can improve your strength, stamina or speed moving of your character.
There are 6 different things for each of these types of improving. Each next thing cost more, but also improve more your character.
Price list:
1. thing - 2000 BM
2. thing - 3000 BM
3. thing - 6000 BM
4. thing - 12000 BM
5. thing - 20000 BM
6. thing - 30000 BM

CAPO system
If you want in any time some good fight, on random location on map you can meet bots in groups, with big boss called CAPO. CAPO is only on one location in 1 world (so 1 per world). After CAPO being killed, he is respawning on other random location.
If you kill CAPO, all players from alliance (which are in that moment in that field) will be awarded with good cash. But remember, only together with your friends from alliance you will have success in fight with them!
CAPO's value is 100$ + 500$ x rang, for example on 4. rang you will earn 2100$ for killed CAPO.

ACAB system
In this system you gone fight with cops and test your ultras skills. You have 10 different countries and each country have 20 different levels. To unlock next country, you need to finish all levels of previous country.
All countries have different stats of cops, of course in first country they are weakest, and in last country the most brutal.
You are fighting in special map, with couple cars which you can use for making tactic.
It's very important to notice that only with good tactic you can fight against lot of cops. Maybe you think it's easy fight with 20 cops of 30/30 stats, but it is much harder.
For each finished country you receive extra award +3% more strength, +1% more stamina and +1% speed of moving your character.
It's important to notice that you have 5 free tries every day ( you receive it in 00:00h ). More tries you can buy with tokens, 1 new try = 10 tokens. This feature is made because we don't have empty maps ( if all players have lot of free tries, nobody will go on map )

Also, there are special awards of cash which you receive when finish one level of country.
In first country is 1000$ per level ( so when finish 1. level you receive 1000$, when finish 2. level you receive 2000$ etc.)
In second country is 2000$ per level, in third is 3000$ per level, etc.
So in last 10. country is 10.000$ per level.

Quests system
Quests system give you extra opportunity to take some more profits every day.
Daily you have 25 different quests. For each quest, you have limited time to finish it.
Summary of extra cash is depending from type of quest and player's experience level.

Happy Hour
Happy Hour is appearing every day in game. During that hour all your earnings on map are 300%. For example, for 1 pub you will earn 3000$ cash.
Happy Hour is every day in different time. In each new day, happy hour change time for 1 hour.
For example, first day happy hour was in 15h, second day is in 16h, third in 17h, etc.
NOTICE! Happy Hour earnings don't depend on Tiredness system.

Sprays system
While you are playing, you can find red boxes. Each crashed red box give you 1 spray.
To create your graffit on wall, you need 100 sprays.
Graffiti walls are on 5 different locations on map.
For each minute during your graffit is on wall, you will receive extra cash - 100$ x rang.

Tournanemts are best way to show your real skills.
Tournaments are every 3 hours. They are playing in groups which are choosed by random. In group each players are fighting for themselves.
To get points in tournament you need to crash objects and kill players. Points for killing players is determined by their level. For example, when you kill 15 level player, you will get 15 points.
4 guys with the most points get awards.

Alliances tournament
Alliances tournament give your alliance possibility to meet with other alliances and take good fight.
This tournament is every day in 21:00h. 10 Minutes before tournament start, GrandMaster and Master of alliance have option to Register alliance for tournament.
Each alliance tournament consist 9 rounds.
For each round victory your alliance get 1 new point in Alliances Tournament table.

Play-Off Tournament
Take good fun in one more tournament and in same moment earn some good cash.
This tournament is every day in 17:00h.
Tournament consist 9 rounds.
Each new victory give you +1 point in Top Play-Off.

Each league start 1. in month, and end 28. in month.
Each league consist 8 clubs. And your club/alliance/country will fight 4x times with same rival.
Choosing alliances for alliances league is depending on Alliances elemination. For example, top 8 go in 1. league, 8-16 in 2. league, etc.
Choosing clubs for clubs is working inn other system. 2 last clubs in league go in lower league, and 2 top clubs in league go in higher league. 2 Last clubs in 10. league go in eleminations, and top 2 clubs from eleminations go in 10. league.
Choosing countries for countries league is working in same system like for clubs league.

In alliance eleminations, 1 point = 1 training level.
In clubs eleminations, 1 point = 1 training level after 50/50. For example, if you are 52/52 stats, you give 4 points to your club in eleminations.

In game one of the most important part game are alliances. In your alliance you are together with your friends and fight with them together on street for honor of your crew. With alliance you can more easily comunicate with your friends, and also much faster bild your account. Because, when player from your alliance crash pub, each player from that alliance, which is on that field, get money.
If you want to create your own alliance, you must have minimum 2. level.

You have 3 different player's ranks in alliance:
GrandMaster - Leader of alliance, guy which create alliance. One alliance can have more than 1 GrandMaster.
GrandMaster have all permissions in alliance. He control player's ranks in alliance.
Master - Master is guy after GrandMaster. He is some kind of helper for GrandMaster. He can invite new players
and delete players from alliance.
Soldier - He is just normal player of alliance. He dont have any permissions.

When you leave alliance, or be kicked from it, you must wait 5 days to go in new alliance or create new alliance.

Referral link system
Referral link system is best opportunity for players which want get more profits in game.
Each player have his unique referral link. You have 2 different profits from ref link.
First is each click on your ref link gives you +5 BM - maximum 20 clicks per day = 100 BM.
And second is, you receive 10% earnings of players which registered by your referral link.
With even more people which registered by your referral link, you earn much more money, simple mathematic.
And very important thing that it is not a one-time award, this profits are runiing all the time in the game.

Table's points system
In our Ratings page you can check your statistic.
Each table have scoring points system.
Top bots - 1 point for killed 1. level bot, 2 point for killed 2. level bot, etc.
Top pubs - 1 point for 1 pub
Fights victories - 1 point for 1 victory
Tournaments participated - 1 point for 1 tournament participated
Top tournament - 4 points for 1. place, 3 points for 2. place, 2 points for 3. place and 1 point for 4. place
Top Play-Off - 1 point for 1 round victory
Top Alliance Tournament - 1 point for 1 round victory

In leagues 1 win give 3 points, and draw give 1 point.

support@ultrasonline.com - E-Mail Support

 Post subject: Re: FULL GAME GUIDE
PostPosted: 25 Jan 2014, 10:29 

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i can't see all screen and i can't go down

 Post subject: Re: FULL GAME GUIDE
PostPosted: 27 Aug 2014, 11:31 

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How can I level up?I have 50 strength and stamina but i cant go level 2.Please help

 Post subject: Re: FULL GAME GUIDE
PostPosted: 27 Aug 2014, 12:42 

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You must collect 50 000 coins and then option for going to next level will be able in same place where you leveled to 50/50 (number 13 on the picture).

 Post subject: Re: FULL GAME GUIDE
PostPosted: 28 Aug 2014, 19:43 

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I create an alliance but now i am alone and I want to leave it.How can i do it?

 Post subject: Re: FULL GAME GUIDE
PostPosted: 28 Aug 2014, 20:01 
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I create an alliance but now i am alone and I want to leave it.How can i do it?

Make a new acc (bot) , call him in alliance, give Grand Master and delete your acc.

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 Post subject: Matured position
PostPosted: 07 Oct 2015, 19:47 

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New devise

 Post subject: Bleeding; matrix wrists, late-onset euthyroid.
PostPosted: 07 Oct 2015, 21:19 

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 Post subject: With written variance; diagnoses, boards hypoparathyroidism.
PostPosted: 07 Oct 2015, 21:32 

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 Post subject: Conjugated maxillary ototoxicity, general appointments.
PostPosted: 07 Oct 2015, 21:36 

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