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Author:  Avanti [ 30 Jun 2014, 16:21 ]
Post subject:  UltrasOnline - NEWS

Dear Players,
these days our admin team is working on reorganisation servers.
On last 2 servers we had some inovations in gameplay and we saw that good percent of players do not like that playing system. For that reason, we are preparing server without complications with simple system and good fun is guaranteed.

Check our news!

NEW SERVER - OPENING 01.07.2014. - 20:00H

-Respect system - Thanks respect system your earnings on map is growing, including tokens exchange rate in bank.
-Earning experience is determined. For killed bot you receive 2-6 experience, for cop 4-8 experience and for player 10 + level experience of killed player.
-2 worlds - First world is for beginners, 1. level. We are playing on 15x15 map.
-Quests system - Every day you will be able to play 25 different quests and take some extra cash.
Summary of extra cash is depending from type of quest and player's level.
-Best Friends - You have 25 slots to add your best friends and take extra cash when your friend make experience level up. Summary of extra cash is 1000$ x experience level.
-Blood Money and Shop is deleted.
-Number of bots in game is reduced. Only on 50% fields in one moment you can meet bots.
-Sprays system is deleted. Graffiti walls stay on map, but only for fun, there is no profit from them.
-Booster for strength (popular as ''x2'') is reduced on 25% more strength.
-Rigorous rules for multi playing on one account. Accounts will be checked personaly from administrators. Punishment is of course ban.

-Server 3 and server 4 do not have good number of active players. We will not close servers, but we are moving them on weaker servers. Players from these servers have 2 options, to stay on server or move on new server. We have special offers for players who want to ''move'' on new server, or some other server.
Players from server 3 and server 4 (top 100 elite) have chance to get some award for new server.
To get award you have to send email on lesko@ultrasonline.com from your registered email address and wrote your nick from game and nick on new server, or server 5 and 6.
NOTICE! Do not send us mails if you do not have registered email address, for example ''I forget password of my email please, please...''. Only if you can send us email from your registered email address, you will get award.

1. elite - 35.000 tokens
2. elite - 30.000 tokens
3.-5. elite - 25.000 tokens
5.-10. elite - 20.000 tokens
10.-20. elite - 15.000 tokens
20.-50. elite - 10.000 tokens
50.-100. elite - 5.000 tokens
NOTICE! Do not try now to improve your elite place, you will be awarded for elite table from 30.06.2014.

See you on opening new server!
Best regards,
UO Team.

Author:  Avanti [ 01 Jul 2014, 14:33 ]
Post subject:  Re: UltrasOnline - NEWS


Post is edited!

Server 3 and server 4 are not closing! They are moving on weaker servers, but offer with awards for top 100 is still actual.

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